The Lost Elder

Somewhere in our culture we have lost the wisdom and the guidance of the aged. I’ve been reading a book on mentorship and growth as a man. And there seems to be a piece of life that has been far removed in our society. In the little bit of history I know, there were once elders and men of wisdom who spent their days at the city gate, in the public square, and in places where their wisdom and discernment could be sought out by all who needed it. Now in our culture the internet and google seem to be the place that many run to for knowledge and understanding. We have removed the person that we deeply need and replaced him with a system that doesn’t always understand the context or the depth of our true search. We must strive to again find the depth of knowledge that is found in the elder. Wherever he may be, we who are young must seek him out and find the answers to the search that our heart and soul often go searching for. The answer that is not found on a screen or in black and white.


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