My Hands

Each person places value on different aspects of their life, for me the thing which I use most are my hands. Though this may seem silly, I am not the best speaker, I am not a literary genius, and I certainly am not a professional athlete. The way in which I serve others most often involves working with my hands to help in a way that a person could not help themselves. Through the years it has been through building homes, churches, clinics, missionary compounds, and the like. After high school I spent time at an internship where working on roommates and friends cars became a weekend hobby since we were all broke and could not afford expensive cars or overpriced mechanic shops. I spent a period of my life playing guitar and bass for worship teams and while I am a worshiper and love being in the presence of the Lord, the season of leading others in worship ended at least for now. My current full time job requires me to use my hands to build various things. And the vacation time that I take is often spent working on projects for my friend Jake at an Indian reservation in South Dakota.

The Lord has blessed me with these hands, and I am grateful for the opportunities I have to use them for the Lord’s glory. At an event on Friday night I was able to help pull a girls car from a ditch on the side of a gravel road. Without my hands, it would be difficult to offer help, but I am grateful for the ability to help in the ways which God has blessed me.