The Fire

One thing that brings so much peace and refreshing in my life is to pause near a fire. When I was a kid growing up my favorite part of a weekend camping trip was the fire. The way the flames reach up, the crackling and sizzle of the logs, and the glow of the coals... Continue Reading →


I kind of grew up in a Mega Church and don’t know if I should go back or stay at a smaller church

When I was five my family moved from the suburbs of Dallas, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Once we got here my mom only knew a rural Baptist church culture and Willie George's ministry. So we began going to Church on the move where Willie George was the pastor, and I don't remember the details but... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, it is a wonderful time of year to pause and reflect on all that we have been given, and all that is yet to come. Even in the moments where our pause is only for a few minutes because of the work and life obligations that we have, even that short moment can... Continue Reading →

Mexico Trip February 2019

I have been able to do so many things in my life because of the relationships that I have built over the years. I have the opportunity February 16th to travel to Vicente Guererro, on the North Western peninsula of Mexico. We will be staying at a YWAM base and building a house for a... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry

Inward reflection is beneficial, outward expression of the internal provides transparency. People are as real and genuine as you allow them to be. It may be years before we ever grasp all of this. I wish I could tell you what I am talking about, but its better for now that you don't know the... Continue Reading →

Doing what doesn’t make sense…

Why do people act the way that they do? What inspires their actions and motivates a persons decisions? This past Sunday I joined with thousands of other individuals and ran 26.2 miles around our city to complete the 2018 route 66 marathon, but why? Why leave the comfort of my bed, the warmth of my home,... Continue Reading →

1,000 Miles to hear His voice

I'm still trying to process what happened in the last week of my life, I thought I had my plans figured out, but it turns out that I was wrong. So here is what happened... My friend takes trips to Pine Ridge, South Dakota several times a year, and I felt like I was supposed... Continue Reading →

The Moments Before Spring

I have been mostly aware of the seasons in my life, not just the natural seasons, though I am fully aware of those, since I mostly work outside and am convinced that winter is the worst of the four natural seasons. In my front yard right now if you focus your eyes, you will see... Continue Reading →

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