March 13th 2010

Hello, My name is Brian Blackwell. I want this Blog to be a place where people can read an encouraging word from God on a daily and weekly basis. That the church may be encouraged through my life and the things that God is doing in and through me. I love kids and ministering to people in effective ways that leave an impact for years to come. I’m currently involved in “ church” a place where outreach is the focus. I currently serve in the “In Ministry Training program” I help to mentor and disciple young adults to grow in their calling and in the Ministry God has called them to. This Monday the 15th I am going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; we will be ministering there with dramas and a production called “the 99” I will be working with and leading a group of 6-7 graders who are on fire for the things of God.

This is my life serving people. giving my time and resources, and trusting God to make it all possible.

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