Word of the day

In the word of God we are told to share what we have with others. Whether its giving to the local church or giving to a homeless person who needs a meal. There is an amazing gift we receive as we give. It’s the ability to trust God. The more you give the easier it becomes. I remember being a kid going to church with my parents and receiving a few nickels or quarters from them to give in the offering bucket at children’s church. back then it was so easy. mom or dad gave me some money and I then placed it in the bucket. Now when I go to church it’s much more than 5 or 10 cents that I’m able to give. God has been so faithful to me. I have food and a place to stay and the amazing ability to give into others lives.

Acts 3:1 One day at three o’clock in the afternoon; Peter and John were on their way into the Temple for prayer meeting. 2At the same time there was a man crippled from birth being carried up. Every day he was set down at the Temple gate, the one named Beautiful, to beg from those going into the Temple. 3 When he saw Peter and John about to enter the Temple, he asked for a handout. 4Peter, with John at his side, looked him straight in the eye and said “Look here.” 5He looked up, expecting to get something from them. 6Peter said, “I don’t have a nickel to my name, but what I do have, I give you:  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!” 7He grabbed him by the right hand and pulled him up. In an instant his feet and ankles became firm. 8He jumped to his feet and walked.

Look for ways to give. if its money, time, faith, or hope. give whatever you have.

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