Haiti June 1st Through August 14th


Well I just got back from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where God ministered through a group of 6th-7th graders from my church and school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Victory.com is an amazing church. We were able to minister to over 1,000 people in five days and saw over 250 people give their lives to Jesus and with the help of local churches in South Carolina are connecting those people with churches to keep them running after Jesus. And the trip had an amazing impact on the students that went with us on the trip. They are taking that passion for God back to their classrooms and youth group.

So I ask Why missions? What is so important about helping others? Well for one it’s in the bible. And for another it is so encouraging to see the difference that just a little time and money can make.

This Summer I am going to Haiti to help build houses and work with food distribution also to lead sidewalk church ministry. We will be making an eternal difference in the lives of people. So what you can do to be a part is: I need a plane ticket down to Haiti the cost is about $300. Once I get to Haiti the ministry will start, I will be working with our children’s outreach pastor, Rod Baker. He is an incredible leader and pastor who has been working in Haiti and the united states joining people to go make an impact in Haiti.  The first 10 days I will be working with a team of College Church interns and Bible school students. We will lay the foundation of the rest of the summer. About 25 of us young people are making plans to go and raising money for the trip. After the first 10 days I will be more aware of the needs of the people and the exact ways we can effectively build and help the people. The rest of the summer June and July and possibly the first few weeks in august I will be meeting teams that come in to help build and will help teach them and lead them into helping to restore Haiti. Then some time in late July or early August I will be flying back to Tulsa, Oklahoma to go to Word Explosion at Victory Church in Tulsa, Ok.

The cost for plane tickets are going up as it gets closer to summer so I need to buy my first flight down to Haiti in the next week. $300. Then I need to buy the plane ticket home in a few weeks that will cost about $350. After those two tickets are bought my trip will be well on its way to making a huge impact in Haiti. Please pray and ask God What you are to give. I believe that even $5. Will help no matter big or small I believe that God is more than able to provide the money for this trip.

In Christ,

Brian Blackwell

7815 s wheeling ave apt 30-M

Tulsa, ok 74136



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