Living a life of encouragement

Almost every day you are surrounded by people, but it is up to you how you will influence them. In our society many times people are sarcastic and cutting, but we as followers of Jesus are called to something greater. We are called to a life of encouragement and uplifting of the ones we are around. It is our god given responsibility to encourage the brethren. To be there for those that are going through a hard time and to pray for those that we can’t help on our own.
And when we don’t know what to pray over a situation we are to pray in the holy spirit and ask for his guidance in the situations that we can’t fix in natural ways.
Last of all we are to encourage others to stay in the word of god. You can’t grow in the things of god unless you stay in his word. That’s how we fight off the evil plans of the devil. And it’s how we find direction on where to go and what to do for God.

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