Creflo Dollar notes

Creflo Dollar – John 8:31-33

The battle of contanment.

The devil desires you to not be able to grow any more.


Love and walk out the truth. Make a decision to walk in truth. Continue in the truth that you know.

Continue in the truth after the conference is over. Walk out a breakthrough. Live the life after the sermon is taught.

Consistency. Let it grow and become alive. Become genuine in who you are. Be the same in every situation. Develope past where you were. Matthew 12.
Trouble has an experation date. Consistency has no experation date. Know the truth so your not distracted by falsehood.

It’s time to walk in breakthrough. Read the word.
Meditate on the word of God. 12:22.
You’ve been given authority to change the way the world is right now.
Walk out the control that has been given to you.
Walk in your authority.
Authority and dominion belongs to you.
How have you been bound by the devil. Of he is taking from you than you have been bound and need to break free to go get it back what was stolen from you.
Matthew 11:12. Take it with force and strength and with no letting go of what is truly yours. An intense action toward having it.
The consistent drop of water causes a breakthrough.
The intensity romoves the obstacle. Don’t let go of the promise.
Luke 18:1 be persistent. In your prayers. Don’t give up. 18:5

Live and abide in the love of God. You can’t be contained when your in the love of god.
Ephesians 3:
A love from and through the father. A true love based out of caring and giving to others. Without conditions. Learning to love what’s outside of normal. Ephesians3:14.
Be rooted and grounded and established in love.
An ability beyond the normal.
You received something special when you surrendered your all to Christs will and direction for your walking out.
Through Christ.
Freedom must be awakened and taken hold of and not let go of. Be strengthened with might. Receiving the impartation.

Walk arround thinking and believing that you can do all things. And then do all things. A grace comes with walking in the truth. Grow in the grace that is learned from being in the word of God.

Stay connected with people. Don’t be alone. Be concerened with the needs of others. People are in your life that chalenge you to grow. Consider others more than your selfish desires.

Development begins. You are called to be changed.
Don’t run from your development.
Become more and more selfless. Grow in grace.
Don’t run from the pressure.
Apply resistence to enable growth.
Knowing and understanding are different.
Your foundation has to be right.
Be truthful with people.
People recognize and are drawn to genuinity.
Unforgiveness will destroy your life.
Blessings don’t grow on a dead tree.
Keep gosip far from your mouth.
Be filled to Gods measure of goodness for your life.
Wake up to the truth your called to walk in.
Don’t be moved by people. Don’t be concerned about what they think.

That you may receive. How deep os his love that you have to search out till it has been found.
To him be the glory. Experience his love.
Love enables the breakthrough. Prosperity is the value of his presence in your life. Be relationally connected with Christ Jesus. The platform is birthed through love. Consider all that he has done for you. The love becons a response. Might produced by love.
Divinely connected with Christ.
In his presence is fullness. Now that your in the truth. Look at the ability you have through the foundation you’ve established thus far.

It all begins and ends with a foundation of love for Christ.

The harvest is dependent on the foundation.
The planting of the seed.
The implantation of the word of God.
It needs love to grow. The seed has to come through love.
The blessing comes through the foundation that is strong.

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