Haiti May 2011

May 18th – May 31st

I left Tulsa, OK at 3:20pm on May 18th. Traveled through Dallas, TX and then on to Ft Lauderdele, FL where I spent the night and then in the morning on may 19th I flew into Haiti. When I got to the base I got settled in a little bit, found my room and where I would keep my stuff. then I started working, fixed a water hose on one of our trucks. On another truck I put some parts for the turbo back together. The first few days I mostly stayed around the base getting used to the hot weather and fixing things that were broken. On May 21st we went to that mountains and picked up a team that had been staying there for a while. The had been ministering in the churches and bringing supplies to the community about five hours on foot up in the mountains.

Left Tulsa on May 18th

On Sunday the 22nd we went to C.A.D. and did a children’s service with the O.R.U. team. They did the service, sang songs with the kids, and did skits and dramas. They told the story of Jonah and the big fish and acted it out for the kids, then after sharing and giving testimonies they had a time of prayer with the kids that was really powerful. At C.A.D. there are a little over 90 kids that live and go to school there. Every Sunday Pastor Rod has a team go and minister there for the kids. The relationship that we have built there is very awesome.

I’ll update more tomorrow… goodnight.

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