Just a thought from today.

Today we were driving around Haiti looking at some of the ministry sites we had visited and places where we could dig a water well and build more homes. It was amazing to see and be reminded of those who we have been able to help in the past few months. It was also good to be reminded of the needs that are still here… As we were driving we came up on a section of the road that was backed up with some traffic and a few workers in the road who were directing traffic, there was some debris and metal in the road, then in the midst of the stuff there was a lady lying on the ground who was dead… It’s not the most pleasant thing to see as you are driving down the road but it is a reminder of how vital the work we are doing truly is. There are people all over the world who need to see and experience the love of God. There are those who can’t wait any longer to hear the hope that we have. We have to continue loving those we can and share the love of Jesus with all those we come in contact with.

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