Today makes 59 days this Summer that I have been in the wonderful nation of Haiti. It’s amazing all that God has been able to do through each missions team that has come through our mission base. Each person who has come has imparted something into the lives of the Haitians as well as been impacted by God here. Young adults and teens have come and experienced something fresh and new from God as they have been here serving the orphans and widows in Haiti. Thank you for all of your prayers for the work that is happening here.

20120710-113102.jpg New light for the base at night.

20120710-113147.jpg Josh preaching under the tree.

20120710-113253.jpg food to the nation.

20120710-113401.jpg church service.

20120710-113527.jpg 24-7 youth doing dramas.

20120710-113633.jpg stair hand rail.

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