Growing inside

The more time I spend in Haiti; the more I feel the call of God growing in my heart.
I see the hurting children and families and I am inspired to give even more of myself to them. Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words all that I see on a daily basis. People who have not been to Haiti may have a hard time understanding what it is like here. Children who play with used tires and old coke bottles. Families who use shipping containers for barber shops, pallets become fences and doors, tarps and sticks become homes. As I look at the people here my heart cries out for a way to help even more.
I know that God has an answer to the pain that I see, It gives me hope and joy as I see children smile as we play games and share bible stories with them, when I’m able to say, yes I will see you again tomorrow, it brings a smile to my little friends faces. I’m so blessed being here. The love that I give has a way of coming back to me.





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