Be a Person of your Word

I was talking with one of my mentors and friends this afternoon. We were talking about life and people, and the topic of doing what you commit to came up. Once a person commits to doing something, or giving something, the ball is in their court to act. It reminded me of so many broken promises that I have heard being made over the years, and of so many times that I have failed to fulfill what I have committed to do.

But the conversation also encouraged me, that I have gotten it right at times, I have fulfilled my commitments, I have done what I have said, and I have been a man of my word. Part of this has come from being careful of what I commit to, and not always saying yes. Also, I have had to write things down in my calendar and keep reminders on my phone of when projects are due.

I mess up, I fail at times, but I am on my way to being a better man of my word.

If you have committed to things you cannot fulfill, If you have said you would do things that are not possible, I would encourage you today to make it right. Be a man of your word. Live with integrity, and to make things right. Don’t preach it, live it. Be a person of character and responsibility in an age of irresponsibility.

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