Thoughts from Summer

If it were a thing to day dream, I once was the boy who would stare off into space and into the glass into neverland on any drive that I would be on. It was all bliss, just another line of electric lines spanning the border between road and field. To be a kid again, oh the dream of that…

Yesterday I slept in till ten, had some coffee, scrolled through the blank existence of facebook friends with dumb videos of nonsense. liked a few that seemed different. switched over to instagram to see the same pictures, flipped once more to twitter where once again saw many of the same pictures, but now with wonderful sub titles in about 100 words. By the way it was Sunday, lest you forgot, so there were countless pleads from pastors to join their church for Sunday service, and if your less than the perfect Christian, then there is now the 1:30pm service or just watch online so that you can hear the word of the Lord for today.

I flipped open the Bible App because it’s too difficult to actually get up from the couch and pick up the actual paper copy from the bookshelf by the door. Read a few verses, listened to a few worship songs on my way down the stairs of my apartment to my bike where I went for a nice country ride of about 40 miles in a square to neverland and back.

The truth of my existence at the moment is a little perplexing, I know where I want to go, I don’t know how to get there, I am frustrated with the journey, but I know the process will lead me somewhere. Am I going fast enough, why do people keep passing me by, how to I change, how do I get better, why are days often so empty? what do we put in so much effort for? Am I even getting better at any of this?


I will promise you this, it was easier just being a kid. But for now daydreams must end and Adulting as my friends say must continue… Until next time, let the power lines continue to separate the road from the fields

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