The Fire

One thing that brings so much peace and refreshing in my life is to pause near a fire. When I was a kid growing up my favorite part of a weekend camping trip was the fire. The way the flames reach up, the crackling and sizzle of the logs, and the glow of the coals long after the flames had vanished. There was something mystifying about the fire, something awe inspiring. On a cold night the warmth, a place to cook a meal, light in the darkness, and the ever changing direction of the smoke.

At home my favorite place is the chair that faces the fireplace. Spending a quiet weekend morning in front of the fireplace with my journal and a book or just some music and the sound of the fire. There is a peace that comes, a warmth, a renewal. Fire is a gift, something that only a loving father could have thought of creating. It brings comfort and safety.

On this weekend find refreshing, comfort, and maybe a fire somewhere and gaze into the mystery of the flames.

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