Awakening, defined – an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something: the war came as a rude awakening to the hardships of life.

– the beginning or rousing of something.

A persons life has moments where awakening occurs, yes each morning a person physically wakes up, but internally a spark of thought occurs where realization finally takes place.

It could be the moment in High school when you discover that the restaurant industry is not for you, after working the night shift at a greasy restaurant. Maybe the rock concert where the crowd and the screaming finally was just too loud and obnoxious. Maybe the realization that staying up all night and then driving to class for your college mid term exams was a bad idea as you drift on the highway onto the rumble strips and the car bounces you back awake.

Emotionally and Spiritually I believe there are many of these moments as well, they are never really planned for, or anticipated, rather we become aware of these things in a moment.

Once we become aware of the new idea, it brings clarity to our heart and soul. It could be the unrelenting emotions and crying as you see the poverty of a community of children. Maybe the pain and hurt after a natural disaster when the stirring in your soul compels you to try and do something to bring restoration and healing. Years can be spent living day to day, following what we know and what we are comfortable with, before encountering something new that awakens our heart again. We see something new, somewhere that needs change, a new perspective, a heart shift. Moments of Awakening are not manufactured or created on our own. It takes more than our own ability and planning to discover these things.

Sometimes I have found these moments of awakening in a new destination, on a trip that was away from my normal environment and friendships. Sometimes at a church in another city that I was visiting, a new song I had never heard before, a conversation with a friend that challenged my thinking on a subject. Without a doubt in worship and surrendered times of prayer I have found awakening to new direction and a deeper pursuit of certain things in my life.

When we take the time to realize what is going on, we can appreciate the moments of awakening even more, and gain the strength and courage to pursue the opportunities that awakening allow us to see.

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