3D notes april 27th

Mary at the tomb, John 20. Let the things of god in you come out. Jesus left his deciples to follow in the plans he had made. Jesus wanted to make himself know through his disciples. The holy spirit was sent to direct and guide his people. Out of all the gifts do your best to lift others up through love. The holy spirit draws people to god. Point others to god through your life. Do everything in a fitting and orderly way. Respect others as you worship. The church. It’s purpose is to build others up.
The emergent church. Relevance and the church. What chalenge are you making for people to follow. What has to change for people to follow what you are saying. Become more like Jesus everyday. A cry for the poor and the hurting. Who is influencing your life. Live as if Jesus is always withyou always seeing what you do. Expect miracles to take place in your life. Jesus came to bring us back to him.
What is taking your time that you need to get rid of?
How do you build a better relationship with Jesus.

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