Living in 4th quarter

Fourth quarter – Paul D – we are filled with the things of god that are comming out. Phillipians 3:13 – forget what is behind you. Look to the new seasons that are comming to you. Finish each season in expectation of what is ahead. Keep on working to be a winner. Continue to fight till the end of your life. As long as your here you are in the game. Press on for the goal that is found in god. Change it up. People loose focus as the end draws near. Win with your heart and your atitude. Peoples influence is sometimes unnoticed. How will you finish your life. Keep going even when all hope seems lost. Keep getting back up. Live a competitive life for god against the devil. Go out to win the lost. Look ahead to the end goal in mind. Be consistent in your walk with god. Persevere. 1 CoR 9:24. Run in a way to finish the race. James 1:12. Be a person who persevered. Live in a way that is pleasing unto god. You make the decisions that lead your life. 2 Tim 4:9. Don’t get distracted by things in this life. Don’t get caught up in the things of the world.

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