Missions in Haiti

So I got to Haiti on June 2nd. Arrived at the airport at about 8am. Went through customs and then got my bags and went out of the airport to find my ride. Met up with Quentin and some of the love a child workers and loaded up in the truck. We drove for about an hour and a half to the compound and went to the house for lunch. After lunch we went to the digging site to lay more piping for our water to the victory compound from the water tower. We worked from 1-5 and then went to the house for dinner and to wash up.
The generators get shut off at about 10pm and last week the backup power supply for our house got struck by lightning so we loose power when the generator turns off.
We got up the 3rd at about 6:30 to go to the airport to pick up John and Hank. Their flight came in at about 8:30. Then we went back to the compound. At 10am the guys drove to the port to drop off the keys for the trailers that will arrive soon in Haiti. When everyone got back for the day we went to the compound and laid the electric for the last few houses and then went back to the house for dinner and for everyone to settle in. June 4th we started working on the water lines some more today. Some times it is just dirt and other times it is rock that has to be drilled through with a pick axe or a jack hammer. The rock takes a long time to drill through. We worked on the water for two days and will finish it up on Monday or Tuesday. June 5th today quentin and John went to the hardware store to get more glue and pipe connectors for the water line. And we worked more on drilling through the rock to get to the water tower with the line.
Having running water at the victory site is very important. It will allow us to have teams come to the base to set up the houses for the Haiti people. It will allow showers, toilets, and clean drinking water at our site that is a couple hundred yards from the water tower.
June 6th Sunday. Today we rested and cleaned up the house. Did laundry, moped the floors. Played some football. And monopoly. And got on the Internet for the first time since we got here. It was a good chill day, but I’m definately looking forward to this upcomming week as we finish up the water and begin to receive the containers and trailers. There will be plenty of work to do in preparing the site for teams comming in.
I’m reading extraordinary by John Bevere right now a great book and very encouraging for me right now. I’m so thankful for all the things God is growing in my life right now. He is so good.

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