June 7-10th

So Haiti has been a good experience so far. Living in a one bedroom house with 3 other guys can be chalenging at times but not too bad. Eating pretty close to American food. Cold cerial, coffee, mac and cheese, spam, tuna, potatoes, vegitables, eggs, crackers, tea, candy, rice, beans… And lots of water.
We work from about 8 in the morning til about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Mostly it has been digging the water line. And a few other small preparation projects.
Today we worked at the warehouse of love a childs. We put up some new shelving racks in the warehouse so that pallets of supplies can be better organized and not use as much floor space. We worked about 7hours on that. It was good after we finished that area looked much better.
There is a salt water lake not far from our compound that we might be able to go to soon. It looks like it is a nice lake. And the mountains all arround our compound look beautiful.
Living with new people allows you to see what areas of your life still need growth and work. It’s been a week since I got here and have deffinately learned a lot already about the people here and how things work. It’s been great being arround the Haiti kids. The orphanage is just up the road from our house and every now and then a few of the kids will be on the porch of our house or will come play soccer or football with us in the yard. It’s amazing just to hang out with these kids for even a few minutes. On the compound there is a school with a playground and kitchen. The ministry of love a child is doing a great work here in Haiti. They are pouring great love into many people in this region of Haiti. There was a taxi truck that was up by the warehouse when we were just starting this morning and the men getting here for work from their houses were joking and talking with Bobby the director of love a child. It was great to see the love that they all had for eachother and the bond that has been built between Bobby and the men in this area of Haiti.
After work each day it’s pretty chill arround the house. Not really anything planned just whatever happens. Either reading, board games, football or soccer or frisbee in the yard, showers (coldwater), dinner, talking, and bed. We just got our inverter back from the shop. Every night they turn off the generators and each building has a battery pack and inverter/charger to keep some of the fans and lights on at night. It makes sleeping easier. The ac still turns off but the fans still work now so that is good.

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