Haiti update

Dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for your prayers and support while I’ve been here in Haiti. I decided to extend my stay for a few more days to help continue the work here. We have been accomplishing so much here at the base in Haiti. We will be hosting another team this next week. They arrive Saturday, July 31st and will be here for ten days. I will be returning to Tulsa on August 5 to start working with IMT again.

I am so grateful for all the training and experiences in my life that have prepared me for this time building in Haiti. So far we have built ? homes, as well as a kitchen and cafeteria. The teams that have come and continue to come are such a blessing to the people here. Not only are their spiritual needs being met, but their physical ones as well. God is moving in the lives of the Hatian people.

God has been so faithful the entire time I have been here in Haiti! All my needs have been provided for. When I return to Tulsa I will be helping prepare for the IMT students to start out the school year. Because of the tight schedule at start of the program I will not be able to start working until September. I am asking that you would prayerfully consider supporting me financially this next month. While working with IMT my housing is paid for, but I still have my personal living expenses to cover.

I am so excited for this next year! I know that God has amazing things in store my life and for the lives of the IMT students.

Thank you again,

Brian Blackwell

Please continue to pray for the ministry here in Haiti and for the teams coming to serve. Also, you can view pictures of our work in Haiti at: Facebook//Haiti Photos

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