One day as me…

So growing up there were always those preachers and teachers that would say, “so what if you’re day was placed on the screen for everyone here to see, would you like what goes on in the secret places?” Then they would share some point and a few verses about being a person of character and integrity.

This past week started out I could say I little frustrating but rewarding at the same time. I got in Monday morning from a trip to Colorado at about 12:30am. Got in bed wanting to sleep in the next morning when I saw the friendly reminder on our counter that said, at 8am there would be a bug chemical spray happening at the apartment and I could not be there from 8am till 12pm. Just what I didn’t want to see. So I woke the next morning, brewed my coffee, about 16oz. Got my bag ready a few books, journal, and keys, then remembered that I had loaned my car to my little brother for the extended weekend. So I got to walk to the 24-7 building where I planned on working on a few things for the church and doing a little journalism and spending a few hours in preparation for the upcoming week. As I crossed Lewis I saw my Outreach Pastor Rod Baker and he pulled up to the street I was about to cross and stopped. “Son, do you have time for a bagel?” Yes sir, we drove to Panera, where we had a bagel and coffee and talked about life and ministry and a trip I am getting ready to take to Haiti this summer. Rod talked about a book he was reading, ‘crazy love – by Francis Chan’ as we were leaving he brought me to the book store and got a copy of it for me to read. When he dropped me off at the church I felt encouraged and uplifted, such an influential person would stop his busy schedule for an hour or so to speak into my life. I went up to the office where I volunteer and spent an hour or so reading, writing in my journal and planning some things for our training program that I am a part of. I got a call from my brother that my car was across the street so I walked over to pick it up, it was a little messy so I brought it to the car wash and began to clean out my car. Once I finished I went home to my apartment and ate lunch a turkey sandwich and some chips and juice. As I finished up I called a guy whose car I am working on and then went and worked for about 3 & 1/2 hours on his car. I finished up and went home for a shower to wash up from the day. Cooked and ate dinner and then went down to our apartment managers apartment to watch the college finals for mens Basketball. had some coffee and brownies as I watched the game and borrowed a vacuum as I left for the night. vacuumed our apartment cleaned up a few things and went to bed.

Now each day of you’re life is a little different and so is mine. You can never fully anticipate all that will happen, you can never know who all you will run into, and you can never fully know how much you are needed by others in your life. But each day it is up to you to slow down just a little and maybe have a bagel and some coffee with Jesus, talk about life, read His word, and then go live out your calling of bringing hope to the world. It’s a battle to spend time with God, but it’s worth it.

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