Student Life

So, I guess it’s been almost two months since I started college at ORU. It’s amazing that time has passed so quickly. With me taking 17 hours this semester I haven’t had much time to think or write or process much of this season yet. All I know is that God has been so faithful. Each day he directs my steps and has provided all that I have to have to be at school right now. He has given me wisdom on how to study for exams and class presentations. In classes that supposed to be rather difficult I have had clear understanding and have been able to do well on many of my exams already. It’s still an adjustment trying to study and go to classes and hang out with friends and go to church and try to stay involved in outreach. Each day is long but there has been a sense of rest and peace at night even if everything wasn’t totally figured out for the next day.

Currently I am looking forward to fall revival which is a student led week at ORU where we seek God more for our school and to get the year started right. Then a few weeks later we have fall break to rest a little and refocus on all that needs done for the semester and to catch up on areas where study is being more difficult. This year has been such a shift from the last four years of intense outreach and ministry involvement but God has been opening my mind and heart more each week as I begin to understand more in the areas off business and applying life principles into ministry and relationships.

Thank you for your support and prayer during this time that I devote myself to study and learning, I know that through this time of education more people later in my life will be able to hear the gospel message in a powerful way because of the time I am taking to prepare myself.

God bless,
Brian Blackwell

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