The End

This is the last week of 2011, it’s been such a good year. At the beginning of the year we moved into the brand new VBI student housing building. In March I had the amazing opportunity to travel to McAllen, TX with the 6th & 7th graders of VCS. On that trip we got to pass out lots of food to needy families near the Mexican boarder. We also were partnered with an amazing church doing local out reaches to the poor in their community. After that it was just about two months left of school at VWMTC, which is a training school for missionaries. In May, a little before actually graduating I left for my third trip to Haiti. On May 19th I arrived at the base and began my 2 and a half month long trip. The summer was amazing, we ministered in lots of schools, presenting the gospel to thousands of children. After each presentation at the schools we would pass out Christian books that told the stories of the bible in a way the children of different ages could relate with. During the trip we had six different teams of missionaries come down to Haiti. These teams helped minister in the villages and towns, we did school ministry, built homes and buildings for orphans, passed out food, and helped many pastors and churches. I flew home at the end of July and had a week off before the next season of my life began.

At the beginning of August I started school at ORU. This first semester was really amazing, getting to meet new people and see things from another perspective, to learn business concepts and be under the leadership of President Mark Rutland. It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to attend such a great university. I am studying international business, with the schooling and learning I plan to bring more ideas and concepts of business into missions and the development of third world nations. I finished my first semester with five A’s and one C.

It was encouraging to see that the effort and work I had given to studying had paid off. This year I have seen God open so many new doors for my life and his provision for me has been incredible. Over the rest of Christmas break I am just resting and working and looking ahead to 2012. I know that this next year is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to get it started.

Thank you to all who support my life.
Brian Blackwell

One thought on “The End

  1. So proud of you bro! I believe that this next year is going to be your best one yet. Keep up the studying, it definitely paid off for you! When you do get some free time, come visit us here in Colorado 🙂

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