Sometimes it is difficult to visualize and comprehend how many people there are in the world who are hurting. I just got back to Tulsa from a trip to Atlanta, GA. I was a leader for a group of 8th graders from the high school I graduated from. While we were in Atlanta we did out reaches for a nursing home, a united way boys & girls club, 3 homeless shelters, an orphanage, and ministry at an urban mall. In the city of Atlanta there are almost 6,000 homeless people.

Click to access 2011tri-jhomelesscensusreport.pdf

The ministry site that impacted me the most is a parking lot where we did a ministry site near a homeless shelter. The community had set up tents and beds in this abandoned parking lot. The homeless that lived in this lot were here because they were not allowed to live in the shelter. Our 8th graders did two of the dramas that we practiced, bondage and cure. After the students preformed their dramas I spoke and gave a message of hope and salvation. “No matter how bad your life is today you can reach out to Jesus and he will give you new hope for today. He has paid for your life to be changed forever.” After speaking and praying for the men and women there our 8th graders went in groups and talked to the people who were near their beds and tents. The site was so impacting to me because these men and women were at the bottom of the rope and we were able to come and spend just a few minutes in their world.

464 Courtland St NEAtlanta‎ Georgia‎ 30308United States

The trip showed our team how much people are hurting in our world today. As we went to each new site the students became more comfortable with sharing their stories with the men and women we ministered to.

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