Believe it’s possible

I began reading a book this morning by Max Lucado “Out live your life,” in just the first few pages I had already started taking notes about the thoughts he was provoking in the text. “Because of him” (xx). There was a story in the book about an island that was changed by one man who came and made a difference in education, agriculture, fishing, clean water, and the islands relationship with God. “How will you be remembered at the end of your life” (xxi). “Some people… live and die and never ask why” (4).

These were just a few of the quotes I read and thoughts I had as I opened the book. As Max was closing one of the thoughts he pointed to a scripture from the Bible; Acts 13:36 NLT 36 This is not a reference to David, for after David had done the will of God in his own generation, he died and was buried with his ancestors, and his body decayed.

In Max’s book he refers to David doing the will of God in his generation before he died. Max challenges us to follow in the path of King David, to do the will of God for out generation. We each have to make a choice to follow what God has called us to do in the earth. Our sons and daughters will look back at us and ask what we did to make a difference in this world.

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