Available, that’s all; are you available to do anything?

It seems like those what if questions become a reality for my life.

If you had to go to a foreign country tomorrow would you be ready?

That’s a question that was often asked while I was in bible school and going through a missions program at my church. Then one day it happened, I got a call from my outreach pastor asking me to come to Haiti, I was in the middle of school, I didn’t have a job, any saving, or any way of getting hundreds of dollars, all I had was my availability. I remember four days after he called I was on a plane traveling to Haiti. It was October 2010, I didn’t really know why I was the one called that afternoon, but while I was on that eleven day trip God was able to use my gifts to reach out to many hurting children and families in Haiti.

Would God do it again?

          Well, yes, I mean he sort of already has. This May I am going again to Haiti; not because I’m the richest kid in the world, or because I am the most gifted, but because I have made myself available for God to use however he wants. As I was talking with my Outreach pastor we talked about missions and about a few things that we don’t exactly understand. One thing we talked about is how there are so few guys, and men who are willing to go on mission’s trips these days. It’s almost as if the men in the body of Christ have fallen asleep to the calling to spread the gospel across the earth.

In our generation we have to remember that our primary purpose is to share the love of Jesus with the world. Yea we guys want to have nice things, be responsible, and make a living for our families and eventually for us single guys our wife some day. but in the culture of America I believe that the sense of trust and making our lives available to God as a sacrifice, then trusting that he will provide the rest; I think the genuine trust that God will provide has been lost. As the body of Christ we have to get back to the foundations of faith in the God who provided the lamb for Abraham while he was on the mountain, the God who provided food and water in the desert for Moses and the Israelites, and the God who provided for Paul and the apostles as they spread the gospel across the known world of their time.

Find a way to make yourself available to God. Just see what amazing things he does in your life.

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