I’ve been back at ORU for my Second year there, studying International Business. I’m so excited for the plans that God has for my life, and I know that this time at school is preparing me to reach out even better to children and families across the world. While I am reading and studying, I never want to loose sight of the goal, I don’t want to forget the purpose for learning. There are so many children and families in countries so close to ours that are living with little or no hope at all; they are hungry, cold, dirty, and sick. these children could be helped with such a small investment, of time, effort, and money. To build a home, drill a well, or sponsor tuition for a child is such a small price in foreign countries. The end goal is to pour my life into the 3rd world nations, and to bring the hope and truth of the gospel.
My life was changed this summer, more than I will know or understand for a while. I saw a new level of how much impact is possible in a nation. I saw what installing an electric light in a block house in rural Haiti meant to a family who had lived by kerosene lamp their entire life. I saw more fully the impact that I can make in the world, not so I will be bigger in the eyes of people, but that more people would be drawn to Christ Jesus.

We are called to be the light of the world, our calling is to bring hope and truth to the world. We can pray and give in our churches, or we can go out to the world physically and bring the message of God’s love to his creation all across the world. We have been given so much in this life, and we can do nothing less than give it away.
I love when I get to be with the children in Haiti, and on other trips the children of the world. There is a purity and an expectancy in their hearts. They don’t have a lot of distractions in their life, as many Americans do, they freely worship God with no time constraints, and a genuine faith that Jesus loves them and will provide for everything they need. Each time I am worshiping with the children, I see how much God truly loves them and how much He desires to take care of them. The word of God teaches us to care for the poor, the orphans, and the widows. In the final moments of Jesus life on earth, He speaks to those who will listen, Go into all the world. Go everywhere, and preach the good news. We don’t just bring a physical light, we bring a spiritual light also.

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