Coffee and slow days

Coffee in the morning has a way of waking up my mind and beginning the thinking processes.

Rest is good at the proper time, because it allows a person to reflect and refresh the body and mind. But eventually there is a time to wake up. At the beginning of October God led me to start reading the New Testament, I am currently in Luke where Jesus has been teaching about the loaves of bread for the multitudes and he has sent out the 72 followers with the message of God’s love and kingdom, his healing and delivering power. As I have read Matthew and Mark and begun the book of Luke it is amazing to see how much time Jesus spent on the mountain or away from the crowd in the boat crossing the sea of Galilee, I can relate to that kind of Jesus. I don’t have a boat yet, but I

remember when I was in an internship program with my bible school; I would fall asleep in almost every bus or van ride that we took. I can relate to getting alone and finding quiet space to spend with the Holy Spirit and to read the word of God. I’m on fall break from school and it has been good to just have extra free time to enjoy a slower pace of life, and to reflect on and read God’s word.

In the process of spending time with Jesus, he has led me to praying more. I love speaking and hearing back from God in my heart; His gentle voice that guides the actions and words I speak toward people. In the two months that I have been dating my girlfriend we have learned to communicate better.

The desire to talk with her and learn from her has brought me back to how much God must desire to talk with us, if we would only take the time to listen for his small voice in our hearts. God is willing and desires for us to communicate with him. The same love that I have for the stories that I hear from Laura, that is the same way God wants to spend with us. He desires to lead our lives and smile when we obey Him and see lives around the world changed. Laura has been helping in the schools and orphanages in Haiti, sharing the love of Jesus with the children in that nation. I’m so proud of her for all the lives that are being touched through her loving hugs and gentle voice,

as she teaches bible stories, plays games, and performs puppet skits for the children. I’m so blessed to be able to pray over all that she is doing in Haiti and for the entire team that is working on the missions base with her.

Laura at CAD
Laura at Eve’s

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