Some days you just have to remember that God lives on the inside of you. That in your weakness He is made strong. Last night I struggled with some thoughts of not being good enough, not being able to accomplish my dreams, not being able to live for God in our world of sin and lust, there was a fear that gripped me that I didn’t understand. After many hours I realized it was from a wound in my past that had not been healed. That I hadn’t fully surrendered things to God and forgiven family members in my life. The fear was rooted in wrong expectations of who I was. I am Gods child, I am exactly who he designed me to be.
I got self conscious about not talking the most and for not being the best brother for my younger siblings. But God reminded me that he has a call and a plan for my life, that doesn’t require me to be the most talkative person at the table. That being able to listen is just as important. I was reading a book by Craig Grochell that referred to some of the thoughts I was having and his response to those problems in his life.

Keep seeking after God, even in the most difficult days you have, He is listening and is ready to help you.

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