I went to a coffee shop a few days ago and wrote some things I wanted for the new year. I think I spend a majority of my life in coffee shops, studying and reading, not that I’m any type of intellectual, I just enjoy the environment that coffee shops have.

January I just want to get closer to God, renew my relationship with Him. Simply to focus on Him and getting my heart set on His plan for my life.

I also want to get better at discussing the word of God with the friends in my life, how to apply biblical principles to my daily life as I try following His plan. I know I can’t understand all of what I read in the bible without people who can give their experience.

I want to go somewhere for Spring Break, just to help people, not really with a big group, or even to reach out to hundreds of people, maybe just to touch one little boys life, or one family in a village somewhere, it doesn’t even have to be anything extraordinary that I do, just to help a person feel loved.

This summer I want to go somewhere new, I’ve spent three summers in Haiti, and they have been great, but I know that there are more people in the world who need help, there are more children who are hurting, and they need to feel the love and acceptance of Christ.

So for this New Year, set your expectations high, believe that God is with you, and go do something that tells the world that God loves them.


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