Remembering the Impact

I remember going door to door raising money for missions trips as a kid. Being driven around to different neighborhoods each Saturday by my mom. Our family would sell candy bars by knocking on everyone’s door in Tulsa. Through this my siblings and I were able to travel on lots of short term missions trips with our church.

It was an amazing way to grow up, each break from school I would travel to some new and exciting place. I would see a new city, and share the love of Jesus to people who had little understanding of Gods love for them.

24 trips later I’m left asking where next? For how long? Who else needs to hear and see this love that I have on the inside? How will the provision come for the next adventure? What door will swing open next? Where will God lead me to tomorrow?

The truth is, for now, I just have to wait. The answers to all the questions will come. Not when I want them to come, but when God opens the heavens and speaks an answer through His people on the earth.

It’s not up to me. It’s up to God. I just have to stay open to hearing from Him.

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