What does it mean to be a friend. Just to hang out? Just to talk? There are thousands of people who you will encounter in your life. At the store, at school, as you get gas for your car. Are you friends with everyone? No, you are not friends with all 6 billion people on the earth right now. Even if you wanted to be friends with them all. It would take 190 years to spend just one second with every person on earth right now. That makes it impossible to be friends with everyone.
The people who are in your life are meant to encourage you and to push you towards your dreams. Push you toward God. Push you past your bad days. And cheer you on for your good days. You are in people’s lives for a reason. Don’t walk away from people when they mess up, when they have bad thoughts, when they say things that are hurtful, help them through the pain. Help them get back on track to fulfill their purpose. Be a friend who can be counted on, one who can be trusted, one who won’t let you fail. Be a friend who loves unconditionally, who forgets the past, and who lends their shoulder for you to cry on.

Go show the world what a true friend is like.

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