Don’t stop

Each passing day I come to realize the value of a moment. That this one second I will never have again, the people that are surrounding me now will soon may fade in their connectedness to my life. Those who I was close to in high school are living out their dreams in different parts of the world. Those I was close to in bible school have become pastors and missionaries, mothers and fathers. And those that I have traveled around the world with are doing various things today with their lives. This one moment I have will pass, today will be over soon, I have a choice to embrace all that God has for me today and not give up too quickly on the opportunities that may present themselves.

Tomorrow is full of awe and wonder, a new section of time to be embraced. Surrounded by decisions and pressures of life, tomorrow is full of life and full of Gods blessing.

But I choose not to wait for the tomorrow’s that may not ever come, I choose to embrace today.
Why? Because today is all I will ever have.

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