Not Forgotten

This week I was reminded so much what my life is about. To in some way help the children and families who are in need. I haven’t done a lot lately for others and it has begun to bother me. yes in the past I have given of my time and resources to help on several missions trips, but right now while I’ve been going to college it seems like I am just going through the motions of life. I realize that there are times where you give out non-stop and times where you soak up refreshment from God, but I’m at the place of desire once again to give out. The only problem is I feel consumed by my studies and working to make it through each week. It’s like I know that there is something better in life, if I can only reach beyond the place that I am in right now. 

My prayer is: God help me to be faithful in this struggle through each day so that I can be closer to you and be able to help more people for you.

I don’t have the answers for the direction my life is going, I just know that it is going somewhere. I pray that I will seek and know God more and be able to see his plan for my life more clearly.

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