The Sacrifice of Serving

When I try to comprehend the journey of my life, it begins to shock me. Every spring I come up with these grand plans of how to work all summer and save up for a new car or a new wardrobe, or better yet to pay for my schooling in the fall, but then something happens. What is it, this little whisper, when I’ve figured it all out, when I’ve written out this grand plan. The whisper comes and asks, “is that really what you want?” Every time, every single time, I have to answer no, what I really want is to be used by you God, I’m sorry for trying to plan things out on my own, and my reply again is, yes Lord, I will go. I will let you use this one life that you have given, I will surrender again to what you want. I will let go and trust that you have everything I ever need, and you see my future and my dreams. you alone o God have the answers and I choose to trust you with my summer and my life.

And so the Journey is taking me back to Haiti this summer. May 29th – August 4th.


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