Looking Forward

There are really only two directions we can look, forward and behind, unless you want to be really obnoxious and say there are infinite angles and degrees that you can slowly adjust to be facing. But for this thought I am going to reminisce only on what is ahead and what is behind. The things that are behind are the things we have learned and experienced. The things ahead are the dreams and ideas we want to live out tomorrow, next month, and sometime in the future. I suggest that we keep looking forward, that we keep moving forward, that we don’t allow ourselves to get caught looking behind us. Those things that are behind are helpful for knowing what we enjoy, recognizing what works, seeing what makes us feel accomplished, but it should not keep our attention for too long. We have to keep looking ahead, at what is in front of us, at what is possible to accomplish today. Looking forward brings expectancy, seeing the opportunity for new adventures, new experiences, new ways of helping people. The future holds the dreams we want to accomplish, and if we don’t stop we will reach those dreams.

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