Stopping to listen

This week as I have been taking time to seek God He has been whispering to my spirit, He has been saying to slow down and listen. To calm my thoughts and wait on Him. To be expectant to hear His still small voice. I was in worship and prayer and I kept trying to speak out different things I was expecting  God to do, and His gentle response was, just pause and listen, I know what you need. Sometimes we get so captured in praying all the right things, that we forget to listen to the other side of the conversation. I remembered a trip I was on to Kenya, Africa in 2004. Our team leader had us praying before a ministry site, as we rode through the village in our bus. He told us how each of us were able to interpret the things we were praying out through the Holy Spirit. That God hadn’t just given us the ability to pray in the spirit, but that we could also hear what God was speaking through our voices. God desires us to know His thoughts, He wants us to have clear direction. We need to slow down and listen. Our father God is speaking.

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