Accomplishing something

I just finished another semester of school. I guess I started learning about 20 years ago, and with 6 A’s and 1 B this semester I feel pretty accomplished. I am blessed to be in school at ORU, where I am learning about business and life. 

The question comes up often, what are you going to do once you finish? Well, I’m not exactly sure, it’s sort of in the direction of missions, kids, clean water, food, small businesses, and stuff like that. So at the end of a busy few weeks of studying, It’s time to dive into what I want to accomplish with my life, stir up the dreams, consider the future, and pray in faith that God has it all figured out; if I will just walk along the path that is lit by His presence. 

When it comes to life, the most important thing is to follow Gods plan for your life, even if you have no idea where that will lead you to. 

Keep walking in the light. 

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