Time Well Spent

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia with 41 other college students and staff members from ORU. Each one of us are traveling this summer to different countries to share God’s love. We split into five outreach groups in Atlanta and served different ministries around Atlanta. My group worked with a ministry called Hope for Atlanta. It was truly an honor to serve with my team; Ali, Lacey, Kenzie, Jorden, Nathan, and Kemper. Our contacts Tim and Angela are two of the most giving people I have met. Tim works every day in a law firm; there he serves the Hispanic community by getting work permits, travel visas, and other paper work for the Latin Americans in the community. His wife Angela serves the children and moms of the community by providing kindergarten child care during the day. And tutoring for pre-k through middle school students in the afternoons. She holds English classes for the moms in the community, and has women’s groups where she shares God’s word with these ladies. Our team of seven students got to serve this couple last week; and I can truly say that it was one of the best weeks of my life.

20140324-212805.jpgI had the opportunity to read the story of David and Goliath to some of the kids at the after school tutoring program, and help with homework and reading assignments for a few of the kids. One of my favorite moments was being able to read to a little girl named Belen. We were able to spend time with the same kids for four days, and this was such a joyful time. As we left on the final ministry day we waved goodbye to these kids, and I could tell that this week had been special for Belen and the other Hispanic children.

God has called us as Christians to reach out to the poor, to help those in need, and to show genuine compassion to others. This week reminded me of my purpose, it encouraged me toward my destiny, and it reminded me how easy it is to give out to others.




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