What Gives You The Right To Do These Things

What gives you the right to do these things? Who told you that you could do this?
These two questions come from the book of Mark. In chapter 11 verse 28 the chief priest, the scribes and the leaders ask Jesus these two questions. Why did they ask Him? Because they did not approve of who He was or what He was doing there. In your own life, there will be people who will not approve of who you are or what you are doing. But you must remember that Jesus didn’t answer their questions, he didn’t try to prove who he was, but simply continued being who God had made Him to be. He continued to teach with parables to anyone who would listen. He continued to live out his purpose on the earth.
We too must move past what others say about us. We must continue on our journey, despite their criticism, we must continue to live out God’s calling on our lives.
We have God’s approval; as we live with love, as we live to serve, and as we live to share the good news. So don’t be discouraged, don’t answer the criticism, simply live in your calling. God is proud of you. He loves you. And He loves watching you live out your God given dreams.

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