Guatemala Week One

Week One Summary:
Sunday afternoon and flew to Houston then changed planes and continued to Guatemala City, Guatemala. Our host, Michael Shead, met us at the airport and drove us to a school in Guatemala City, SETECA, where we spent the night. Monday morning we left SETECA after eating breakfast, and drove three hours to Chichicastenango. After lunch on Monday we split into two groups and went to two home visits. We brought food to two different families who were in severe poverty living in very small houses with little income, one single mother only made about $3 per day to provide for her four children. Her husband passed away from a heart attack in December. The second group went to a house that had a very sick man that they were able to pray over. On Tuesday we went to a work project in the mountains, about thirty minutes’ drive up the mountains surrounding Chichi. We visited a poor family who live in a mud block three room house. We were able to build a new stove for her to heat the home and to cook her meals. Fire wood is the main source of heat and cooking so an efficient stove is an important part of a house in Chichi, Guatemala.Tuesday Night we had a cell group with about 25 teenagers. On Wednesday we met more of the ASELSI staff and ate lunch with the directors. in the afternoon we played soccer against some of the staff, and that night we at dinner with our Hosts Michael and Chrisi Shead. On Thursday we toured the clinic that ASELSI that provides medical care for hundreds of people each week for free. We shared a message with a group of 35 women who had babies and were receiving milk for their families. Friday morning we visited a school of 95 kids with 5 teachers, we did a two hour presentation, filled with games, bible stories, songs, a memory verse, and testimonies. We will be teaching English at this school starting Monday. Today, Saturday, we are cooking pancakes for about 50 bible school students, and will be sharing a devotion after their snack. and tonight we will be preaching at a church in Chichi.

Prayer Requests:

Unity and communication. We have such a strong team but without consideration of others, communication, and prayer we are rendered powerless.

Restored/Continued Health

Thank You for your prayers.
Brian Blackwell.

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