From Here to Here

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many places, from Mexico to Kenya, California to New York bringing the love of Jesus to people in different cultures, societies, and cities. Each place is special and has left a mark on my heart. And still God continues to show me His love for people, and how he desires that even more people get the opportunity to know him. A few weeks ago I was sitting at a table at my university promoting outreach to the people in Tulsa, OK. This opened my eyes again to the need in my own city for the love of Christ to be shared with those who are hurting. As I’ve continued to grow and learn I’ve seen that ministry and outreach has little to do with where you are, and a lot more with your attitude and the way you look at the people around you. Every day we are given opportunities to talk with people and encourage them in ways that we may not have known they needed encouragement. Every person needs to see and experience the love of Christ. Not just those who are unsaved but also those who know God and may be walking through difficult situations in their life. Through the time and effort that we give, people’s lives are brought to an awareness of their need for God, and of His overwhelming love for each person. Our willingness to reach beyond ourselves makes a huge impact in people’s lives.

Have a wonderful week being Jesus to those around you.

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