Fellowship & Communion

Last night I was able to go to my friends ranch about 30 minutes drive from Tulsa. He and his family open their home for students to come and relax and fellowship together. These are incredible times of reflection and worship for me, and for many students who find themselves at the ranch. I had the opportunity to pray over two fellow students while we were there, and it was amazing to see the expectancy we all had for God to move in our lives. Now there is no special location where God opens his ears to the prayers of His people. But there is a freedom and a spiritual sensitivity that can often be found in places that have been dedicated to the Lord. At the ranch there is a sense of peace, and intimacy with God is found. During a time of worship and prayer it was evident that God was being exalted, and that He delighted in our worship. We go through our days expecting to hear from God, and in moments like last night, we can find ourselves sitting in his presence, hearing His voice, and responding to the needs of others in our circle of influence. I encourage you today to find those places, and those moments of fellowship and communion with others and with the Lord. 

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