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This weekend I was a part of ORU Mission’s leaders training retreat. We spent Friday night and Saturday in different training sessions for the leaders that the program is sending out this spring break and summer around the world. I am honored to be helping with the preparation of seven of these mission’s teams. I am learning so much in this time of preparing others for missions. I remember being at this training retreat last year as a team leader and learning so much from the missions staff.

It is sometimes hard to understand how I have gotten to where I am today. I still have challenges and difficulties, but I am on the journey that God has called me on. On Thursday I was talking with one of the mission’s leaders at another friend’s birthday party and she began to ask questions of how I got to be in my role in the mission’s department. I began sharing the story of serving in Haiti as an intern, moving out of the city in middle school, learning how to build and work, and the bible school and other internships I have been a part of. Life is this incredible journey of walking, seeing, learning, and sharing with others.

When we hold everything in our world shrinks, but when we share with others it expands. When we give our insight and understanding, we help others on their journey. I asked another person I saw after dinner about the weekend and what they took away from it, the response was how to maintain more professional relationships in leading teams. Each of the lessons we share helps others along the journey.

Along your journey this week find ways to share in others journey.

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