The dream job

Life is this incredible mystery to be discovered. We go through our childhood and into adolescence trying to decide what we will be when we grow up. When we are young we think of police officers, fire fighters, lawyers, presidents, and doctors. In high school we discover opportunities as teachers, administers, accountants, journalists, public speakers, pastors, executives, and farmers. We begin to travel in a direction filled with experience and learning of how to become what we are passionate about. We are in pursuit of our purpose, trying to become good enough to get paid to do something. But there are times where our efforts run dry and we have not arrived where we would like to be.

We finish a degree program and the job we were hoping for isn’t there. The internship we applied at declined our application or didn’t call us back for an interview. Or if you are where I am at, you have no idea where to apply or what position you are truly passionate about. I’ve spent my life learning how to serve, give my time, be available, volunteer; but it has not led to knowing what kind of job I would ever work. I’ve traveled on teams and led people around the world, but for all of it I have had to ask for donations, ask for support, and trust that others would listen to the voice of God and pay my way. I’ve never had to work full time, instead I’ve volunteered passionately in a variety of ways.

This has been a mystery and a miracle, I’ve been provided for, and have seen God stir the hearts of people. But it has left me searching for what is next, how the next season will work, and what it will be. I have one semester left before I graduate and am expected to move on, get a job, pay my way, and do something besides school, but I am at a loss of what to pursue. If only I could travel and learn, work with teams, teach little kids, play games with them, and show that someone cares. Repair widows homes, and provide food for the hungry, pick up children and bring them to church, teach bible stories, and share a meal with the hungry. That would be enough, that would be my dream, that would be the best job to ever pursue, but how do I get paid to live a life like that.

This is my journey, these are my thoughts, so if you’re like me your not alone. Don’t give up hope, there is an answer waiting to be discovered. I don’t know when or where, but I’m confident that it is just ahead.

One thought on “The dream job

  1. Brian, I understand what you are feeling in many ways. When I was still in high school, my dream was to graduate and then go to college, get my degree and find me a teaching job. As things went on in my life, I graduated in May 1955 . Found my first couple jobs, one a soda clerk in the Rexall Drug Store right here in Dublin, TX where I am now living. The other job was in a sewing factory also here, and I hated sewing all my life. Next thing I knew, my life switched to being married, and helping my husband run a dairy farm. Next in my life came 3 children. Then my life took another turn that I had never dreamed about. I became Post Master & owner of the Lingleville Post Office and Outlaw’s Country Store.

    No way I can tell you how my life went from one thing until another. We traveled and have been in the original 48 states, and Canada & Old Mexico. Owned property and lived on the Florida Keys. Owned and lived in houses in VA, OK, Snyder, TX, Stephenville, TX, Lingleville, TX, and now back in Dublin, TX. Took care of family people due to their illness, & now both Pop-Pa and myself going through lots of health problems our own selves. That includes I have had 10 different surgeries.
    We’ve had a wonderful life and just celebrated our 59th Anniversary Nov. 23, 2014. My life now includes all the memories of our past travels, still keeping in touch with old friends, and our family. The grandkids are scattered in several states, but we still are able to keep in touch with most everyone. So Brian, you have a great start with things in your life, and such a love for God that now just keep believing and I know that God will lead you in the steps you need to be, and day by day it will all come in place. We are so proud of you and love you. Mom-Ma & Pop-Pa

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