This Christmas

Christmas is a season that is filled with activity and excitement. People go shopping for gifts, and they set up Christmas lights and decorate their Christmas trees. People attend Christmas plays, and musical programs where Christmas carols are sung.
Our culture has become increasingly divided over giving gifts vs. celebrating the religious traditions of Christ’s birth. What people spend time and money on shows what they truly value and love. For a lot of people in the American church giving gifts and celebrating Christ’s birth are both important. But at some point a challenge approaches, as the available time and money for gifts or church become strained.

A balance to giving and believing has to be established in the heart of each person. As they honor family and friends by giving gifts, and also remember Christ as the center of this time of year.

So celebrate, give gifts, value Christ’s birth, love people, and keep your heart directed in the right way.

I have younger siblings who enjoy getting gifts and it is a joy for me to get things for them that they like, but at the end of the day hanging out with them, going to their sports events, and encouraging their passions is more important.

One of the gifts we give to others is shown in how we live our lives. How we work with excellence in our jobs, care deeply for our family, and reach out to those in need.

If ever in our generation, now is the time to live for Christ during Christmas.


I was able to go to Orlando, FL this week and see what Pastor’s Caleb and Sarah are doing in that community. In this generation young leaders have risen to the challenge to go and reach more people for Christ. I have learned so much from this couple as they have lived for Christ and have made him known through the earth.

So as we each continue to celebrate Christmas, consider these questions. At what point will we get it? When in our journey will we finally understand? When will we realize how to live a balanced life. Perhaps it will be this year, but more likely it will only fully be embraced in eternity.

In each step we take we realize more and more who we are called to be and how we are called to live our lives.

Merry Christmas.

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