My Mission Trip For 2015

Something happened today, something shifted, a thought grew from the depths of my soul and cried out to be released. I searched for words to describe the feeling, contemplated why, and what brought this shaking on the inside. As I longed for an answer, I began to find the words, and as if they were drawn from a well by a bucket and a rope, the reality began to hit. This is it, this is your trip, this is your calling, not to travel somewhere far off, not to visit a remote people, but to stay right here, and live out the experience of a mission trip where you are, with the people I love, and with the job that I have. As it sunk in I recalled the way I had been living, the reason for my drive and passion. The purpose existed, but it had been in the shadows, now it was in the light.

For most reading this it is no surprise that mission trips are a huge part of my life, and the previous paragraph is very abstract, and may not make sense, but for me, I needed to write it, to express my thoughts, and try to describe what they mean. So if you dare, continue reading, and hopefully it will make more sense along the way.

This past summer I got an email in response to a job application I had sent in. The mission’s department at Oral Roberts University had offered me an internship opportunity to work in their office. I accepted the position and began working and learning my responsibilities. I have been working the last four months in the office, and helping to prepare seven mission’s teams to go out and touch the world with the love of God. This past few weeks it has become more of a reality as to what my impact on these teams really is, and has challenged me to treat the leaders that I interact with on almost a daily basis as my team.

Each leader that I work with has between nine and fifteen team members on their specific teams. Each day I realize the impact that will be made this spring break and summer as they go out from Tulsa, and I see more clearly that this preparation is my mission’s trip for this season of my life.

Along with the daily interactions, I will be helping with a training for the assistant team leaders on January 31st. Next I will help lead their teams through team building and trip preparation on February 27th and 28th along with many others who work in our office and partnership churches. During spring break in March I will travel with the team leaders of six of my trips to Atlanta, GA where we will serve the refugee community, and partner with organizations in that city. Starting in a few weeks I will begin talking to the contacts for the seven trips I am over and begin to help facilitate and plan for each of these trips to come to their nations. And finally in May right after I graduate from ORU I will help with an intense week of training for all of the summer ORU missions teams. After that training they will go out for a month to touch different parts of the world with the love of Jesus.

With each of these events I will play a part, others on our leadership staff will help, our director and assistant director do an incredible job giving me and others guidance on our responsibilities, yet in the midst of it all, today I see this as my missions trip more than ever before. The next few months will be my longest mission trip, and it will be surrounded by the most incredible leaders and missions minded people in the world.

In this journey I definitely need your prayers, your encouragement, and your friendship. And I know that God has amazing things in store for this year. I have not arrived, I have flaws, struggles, challenges, but I know that God is with me.

God Bless.


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