Leading from behind, following their lead, and visiting some friends

So this last week in Atlanta, GA was incredible. It is sometimes difficult for me to put into words what God is doing in and through my life. I have been serving the last six months in ORU Missions to prepare leaders to go out into the world and minister the gospel. I am part of an incredible group of five missions coordinators who work each day to pour into leaders, missionaries, contacts, and friends. We are all seniors and will be graduating from ORU and going out into different places to share the love of Jesus. We serve under and incredible leadership structure of our director Bobby Parks, Assistant director Katharine, And Grad Assistant Jaime. Over spring break nine teams of students went out from ORU to share the love of Jesus in cities around the USA, in Canada, and in Latin America.

I worked with seven incredible summer team leaders who will be going to Asia, Central America, and Africa in May. I got to see their leadership styles, and give them encouragement throughout the week. I was able to see their talents and abilities, and affirm who they are in Christ Jesus. I got to see the name of Jesus lifted up, and children and youth come to know Jesus. I watched as leaders made decisions and learned what it takes to motivate a team who is tired and in need of rest. I got to see how leaders respond to difficulty, and times of sudden change in plans.

In the next few weeks I will continue to work with some of these leaders as we plan for their time in each country that they will be in. I have learned how to wait on the Lord in a new way, and how to speak into others lives more effectively. I am grateful for those who pray over my life. and for those who give into what my purpose is.

In May I will graduate from ORU and will have the opportunity to visit some of these teams on the field. I am still working out the details of which leaders in what countries I will be able to visit, but as I looked at flights it will cost between $2,000 and $3,000 to visit teams and encourage them. After seeing each of these leaders minister in Atlanta this week I was encouraged by who they are and the impact they will have this summer. I will be working with our leadership staff in the next few weeks to decide on what teams need a staff member to visit, and how long each of those stays will be. If you would like to give toward this opportunity of visiting missionary friends in different countries this summer you can give online at: http://www.oruoutreach.com/donate then click the secure donation page. At the next page you are able to enter an amount, select on behalf of a specific missionary, then type in my name, Brian Blackwell, and Site Visits.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers as I finish ORU and continue in the missions calling I feel for my life. God bless.

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