Considering All Of This

Somewhere along the way I became the person that I am today; and as I continue to live out this life in relationship with Jesus, I see that I am nothing without the forgiveness and friendship of the Lord. I was driving this morning and felt in my heart to pray for some friends, I don’t know what they were going through, but I know that God can see what they needed. I went to a coffee shop between my younger brothers soccer tournament games, and was blessed to see my friends who started the shop after dreaming about it for many years. Almost every seat in the shop was full, and other customers were standing in line to make their orders. My younger brother won two games today, and will play again tomorrow, and that is exciting to watch him succeed.

There is something special about when we win in life. It is fulfilling, and a person feels a sense of accomplishment when they win. I have had moments in my life where I felt like I won, lost, or ended in a tie; somehow each has impacted my life and shaped my character. It is not only the victories in life that shape a man’s character, but how he learns to overcome adversity. I have had a few memories in the last month that I would consider victories, I finished the planning and preparation to help send seven ORU Missions teams to different nations around the world, I graduated ORU with a Bachelor’s in Business Management without ever failing a class, and I have started my summer without being stressed about what is next in life.

The culture in the United States is afraid of the unknown, it desires to know exactly what is next. For the last year and longer, people have been asking me about my future after graduation. To be honest, I don’t know, I wish I did, but stated simply I don’t know. I am learning to be content with the  unknown, there is something special about the unknown, something exhilarating. When a driver puts a car in cruise control there is a sense of relaxation and lessened attention to what is going on around them; however, when a person has to keep their foot on the gas there is more attention to what is happening around them, otherwise they will speedup or slowdown. My life right now feels like I have my foot on the gas pedal, some days i loose focus, and slow down, while others I speed up to keep pace with those on the journey. I would rather have this, an attentive life, a focused life, a life of change and adjustment, than a life set on cruise control.

Please note, having a job and a secure career is not bad, being in college is not bad, and volunteering in organizations is not bad; simply put, those are not the places where I am currently at right now.

God Bless,

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